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10 years this website deals with prevention of climbing injuries and became the french reference on the subject. Now available in english, we hope that you'll find answer to your questions.

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October 2010


This term describes the inflammation of the synovial sheath that surrounds the tendon (fig 1). In climbing, it refers to the inflammation of a synovial sheath that surrounds the tendons of the flexors...
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Finger flexor tendinitis
The word tendinitis refers to inflammatory damage of the tendinous structure. Nowadays, it is recognized that most of the time this term is wrongly used to describe a tendinosis...
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Lombrical tear
The lumbricals are small muscles of the hand that are not attached to the bones but to tendons. They are located between the tendons of the flexors and the extensor tendons of the finger at the palm of the hand...
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Digital avulsion
Digital avulsion is a very serious condition that occurs more frequently than people generally believe.
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The epicondyle refers to the lateral area of the elbow, at the insertion of the fingers and wrist extensor tendons ...
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Meniscal lesion
Menisci of the knee are fibrocartilage elements whose role is to split the constraints which are transmitted from the thighbone to the shinbone...
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